Linette Guilford

Linette Guilford

In 2017, Linette Guilford founded the Continuous Learning Center (CLC) agency to address the needs of adults with developmental disabilities as well as the concerns of their parents or guardians, employability, and continued learning of life skills and academic needs. Linette’s journey to servicing and supporting individuals with special needs began twenty-eight years ago when she and her husband adopted a child with special needs. This experience started Linette through a path to defying all the diagnoses that began with the words, “Your child will never be able to….”

Linette immersed herself in learning how to best advocate and care for her son and soon realized that her knowledge could assist other parents raising children with special needs. Linette then began volunteering as an early childhood parent mentor and Individualized Education Program (IEP) advocate for students in Preschool through Grade 12.

Linette desired to increase her knowledge about students with developmental disabilities and returned to college, earning a Masters's degree in Special Education giving her the opportunity to become an Intervention Specialist. In the classroom, she saw her students achieve new skills because she believes ALL students can learn. It is up to the educators to tailor their instruction to the way individual students learn.

This belief carries into the practices of the Continuous Learning Center, as all individuals regardless of ability can learn. In 2011, Linette became a special education school administrator for the local public school district. In this role, she coordinated and reviewed the identification, selection, and placement of students in high school and elementary school buildings while providing support for teachers by giving assistance with classroom strategies, interventions, transitions, behavior modification, and implementation of student IEP goals. This combination of Linette’s personal experience, education, and professional career is the basis for providing exceptional care and attention to the unique needs of their clients at the Continuous Learning Center. Assisting individuals as they transition from high school to workforce opportunities, continuing their education, and developing self-advocacy is the mission of the CLC and we strive to see each person succeed.